Male, born 1890-04-25, died 1963-12-02

Professional History


Architect, Federal Housing Administration, Washington, D.C., c. 1956.



Born in Saint Louis, MO, Barnett moved to Southern CA, at an undetermined time, probably after 1917. (His son, George Dennis Barnett III, was born in Missouri in 1917.) George, Jr., died in Riverside County, CA, at age 73.


His father was George Dennis Barnett (1863-c.1925), an architect in Saint Louis, MO, and Los Angeles, CA.


He married a woman whose maiden name was Hemenway.


George D. Barnett, Jr., also had a son, George D. Barnett III, who also became an architect.

Biographical Notes

SSN: 552-44-6778;

Associated Locations

  • Saint Louis, MO (Architect's Birth)
    Saint Louis, MO

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PCAD id: 3119