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Male, born 1874, died 1954

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Burnham, Daniel H., and Company, Architects

Professional History

Draftsman, Robert White, Architect, San Francisco, CA; Architect, George Post, Architect, New York, NY, c. 1902-1903; Designer, D.H. Burnham and Company, Chicago, IL, c. 1903-1905. Bennett collaborated with Burnham on the grand San Francisco City Plan of 09/1905, created several months before the chaos of the Great Earthquake and Fire of 04/18-19/1906. This plan was never adopted. Architect, Howard Van Doren Shaw, Architect, Chicago, IL, c. 1905; Partner, Bennett, Parsons and Frost, Architects and Planners, Chicago, IL, c. 1906-1944. This firm became best known for its city plans for Chicago, IL, (in association with D.H. Burnham), Portland, OR, Detroit, MI, and Minneapolis, MN.


Edward H. Bennett, Sr., was born in Bristol, UK, in 1874, but moved to San Francisco, CA, at an early age. He worked in San Francisco, and subsequently attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris under the patronage of Phoebe Apperson Hearst (1842-1919), a prominent philanthropist for schools in the Bay Area, and then settled permanently in Chicago, IL.

Bennett married Catherine Jones (of a socially active Lake Forest, IL, family.

He and Catherine Jones Bennett had one son: E. H. Bennett Jr., (c. 1916-12/07/1994), who later became an architect and even occupied the offices of his father on the top floor of Chicago's Santa Fe Building into the 1960s. Ted Bennett, Jr., worked in the firm of Schweikher and Elting from 1953-1954, and formed a partnership with Winston Elting from 1954-1956. Like his father, Ted Bennett had a strong interest in city planning, serving as the Director of the Chicago Regional Planning Association (1952-1958) and Chairman of the Lake County Regional Planning Association (1960-1970). (See "Obituaries: Edward Bennett, Architect," Chicago Tribune, 12/09/1994,Accessed 07/27/2011.)

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  • Bristol, Bristol United Kingdom (Architect's Birth)
    Bristol, Bristol United Kingdom

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