Male, born 1908-07-23, died 2007-07-09

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Paderewski, Clarence J., Architect; Paderewski, Mitchell and Dean, Architects

Professional History


Partner, Paderewski, Mitchell and Dean, Architects, San Diego, CA, 1948- .

Professional Activities

Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Clarence J. Paderewski, San Diego, CA, along with Theodore Bernardi, San Francisco, CA, Robert Anshen, San Francisco, CA, and George Hasslein, San Luis Obispo, CA served as jurors in the First Honor Annual Awards Competition of the San Joaquin Valley Chapter, American Institute of Architects, 1962.

President, National Council for Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), c. 1964-1966.

Fellow, American Institute of Architects;



Paderewski was born to Polish Catholic immigrants in Cleveland, OH, in 1908.

He relocated to Los Angeles, CA, with his family by 1920.


Paderewski married three times.

He wed Cecilia May Boyer on 06/16/1935 in San Diego.

His next wife was Maxine "Tracy" Hood, whom he married in 1969.

His third wife was Genevieve Paderewski.

Biographical Notes

He was known by the nicknames "Pat" or "C.J." during his long life.

The architect was a second cousin of the Polish pianist and statesman, Ignacy Jan Paderewski (1860-1941), who led Poland briefly in the aftermath of World War I. In 1913, Igancy Paderewski bought 2,000 scres of farmland in San Luis Obispo County on which he grew wine grapes. On his Rancho San Ignacio, he cultivated grapes for wine production from 1913 until at least 1923.

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