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RBB Architects, Incorporated; Rochlin and Baran, A.I.A. and Associates

Professional History

Managing Partner, Rochlin and Baran, A.I.A. and Associates, Los Angeles, CA, 1952-c. 1992; Rochlin and Baran attended the University of California, Berkeley together.


The RBB Architects, Incorporated web site profiled Baran's contribution to the firm: "During his tenure, Mr. Baran established this firm's standards of excellence in facility planning, document production, construction management, and quality control for large scale healthcare projects. This included directing the practical application of new building techniques and directing the early involvement of engineering disciplines in the programming of new facilities. Among the many enduring buildings he designed is the distinctive Directors Guild of America Corporate Headquarters in Hollywood, CA, which was recently honored by the AIA with a 20-Year Design Award. However, Mr. Baran identifies his most unique work was serving as the architect of a series of five astronomical observatories throughout the U.S. He was also principal designer for a range of medical office buildings, outpatient clinics, sports medicine clinics, medical centers, specialty hospitals, nursing schools, research laboratories and more. Mr. Baran is currently retired, living in Santa Monica with his wife." (See "Principals,"Accessed 10/29/2010.)

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