Male, born 1922, died 2015-06



His mother was the acclaimed photographer Imogen Cunningham (born 04/12/1883 in Portland, OR-d. 06/23/1976 in San Francisco, CA), his father, printmaker George Roy Partridge, who worked under the name "Roi Partridge (born 10/14/1888 in Centralia, WA-d. 01/25/1984 in Walnut Creek, CA).

He had a twin brother, Padraic (born

His mother was the well-known photographer, Imogen Cunningham, his father, the artist, Roi Partridge (d. 1984). His father had been Head of the Arts Department, Mills College, Oakland, CA;

His elder brother was the San Francisco architect, Gryffyd Partridge; Rondal had a twin brother, Padraic.

Associated Locations

  • San Francisco, CA (Architect's Birth)
    San Francisco, CA

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