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Male, Ireland/US, born 1819, died 1899-09-23

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Doyle, Arthur E., Architect

Professional History

Principal, Arthur E. Doyle, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1871-1884; he seems to have retired in 1884 and resumed work in 1887, practicing in Seattle until 1894. The King County Death Register noted that Doyle's profession was "scientist." Arthur E. Doyle can be mistaken for the Portland, OR, architect Albert E. Doyle, as their names were sometimes shortened to "A.E. Doyle." Albert E. Doyle operated his own firm about 30 years after Arthur Doyle.


According to Ochsner and Andersen, Distant Corner, p. 28 and p. 331, Doyle died in 1899; Doyle emigrated from Ireland to Lexington, KY, where he became two-term mayor and a colonel in the Army of the Confederacy; he worked in Mobile, AL, and Denver, CO, before coming to Seattle, WA, in 1871, according to Ochsner and Andersen, Distant Corner, p. 331; Doyle was single, aged 58 and living in Seattle in 06/1880. According to Duane Dietz, Architects and Landscape Architects of Seattle, 1876-1959 (Typescript, 1994), Doyle's name disappeared from the Seattle City Directory in 1894. A year later, according to the 1895 directory, he resided on the west side of Lake Avenue, one house south of Proctor. (The listing read: ""res w s Lake av 1 s Proctor" See Seattle City Directory, 1895, p. 279.) Subsequent investigation has located the King County Death Register indicating that Doyle died in Seattle on 09/23/1899.

He was referred to as "Colonel Arthur Doyle," by contemporaries.

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  • Seattle, WA (Architect's Death)
    Seattle, WA

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