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Male, US, born 1858-04-25, died 1911-11-11

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Reed and Stem, Architects

Professional History


Partner, Reed and Stem, Architects, Saint Paul, MN/New York, NY, 1891-1911. This firm, working in the important railroad city of Minneapolis, would become a significant designer of railroad stations across the US.



B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA.



Born in Scarsdale, NY, Reed lived with his parents on a farm near Avon, NY, in 1860.

Reed resided at 645 West Central Park Place in Minneapolis, MN, in 1900. At this time, he lived in an apartment at this address with his sister, May Wilgus (born 03/1864 in NY), Margaret Wilgus (born 12/1892 in MN), a nephew, William J. Wilgus (born 09/1899 in NY), and a nurse, Mary Dawson (born 10/1879 in NY). (See, Source Citation Year: 1900; Census Place: St Paul Ward 9, Ramsey, Minnesota; Page: 7; Enumeration District: 0139, accessed 05/25/2018.)

Ten years later, he resided on Crane Road in Scarsdale, NY, with his cousin, Della M. Reed, (born c. 1862 in NY), and a servant, Georgia Cresser (born c. 1870 in VA).

Reed died in New York, NY, of a heart attack while he served as the partner-in-charge for New York's Grand Central Station project.


His father was John Z. Reed (born 07/27/1809-d. 08/21/1870 in Avon, NY), his mother, Huldah Ramia Cox (born 01/16/1827 in Wheatland, NY-d. 03/31/1875 in Avon, NY). This was John Reed's second marriage. In 1860, John was a farmer who had six children with Huldah. The children included: Edward Bryce Reed (born 11/21/1848-d. 02/23/1903 in Rapid City, SD), John Z. Reed, Jr., (born 09/08/1851-d. 11/03/1865), William Joseph Reed (born 01/23/1854), Lubert Otis Reed (born 04/05/1856-d. 05/09/1893), and May Reed Wilgus (born 05/06/1864).

On 03/01/1892, May Reed married William J. Wilgus, an engineer of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad. In 1899, Wilgus became Chief Engineer for the New York Central, and would soon develop the real estate concept of selling "air rights" above surface properties. (See Kurt C. Schlichting, Grand Central's Engineer: William J. Wilgus and the Planning of Modern Manhattan, [Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012].)

Biographical Notes

Most of the firm of Reed and Stem's non-railroad work was located in and around Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN.

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  • Scarsdale, NY (Architect's Birth)
    Scarsdale, NY

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  • New York, NY (Architect's Death)
    New York, NY

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