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Male, US, born 1896-03-06, died 1996-07-17

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Anhalt Company; Anhalt and Borchert, Designers and Builders; Western Building and Leasing Company, Building Contractors and Developers

Professional History

Partner, Western Building and Leasing Company, Seattle, WA, 1925-1928; Partner, Anhalt and Borchert, Designers, Seattle, WA, 1928-1930; Anhalt left real estate development/construction in 1942, operating a successful nursery thereafter.


Anhalt was born to a farming family in Canby, MN, and moved at age 11 to North Dakota; he worked in several places in the Midwest as either a butcher or grocer; in 1917, he worked as a stone keeper in Westley, MT. He came to Seattle, WA, by 1924 or 1925 and worked first as a salesman for Hurley Store Fixtures Company; he then became co-proprietor of the Western Building and Leasing Company in Seattle. Anhalt had a very busy career between 1925-1930, during which time he set up a development company that produced a number of notable apartment projects around the city. In 1930, Anhalt lived with his wife and daughter in a residence at 730 Belmont Avenue North (now East) on Capitol Hill in Seattle, a house worth approximately $100,000 according to US Census records for that year. Anhalt lived well enough to afford a German servant at the time. Anhalt last lived in the 98105 zip code of Seattle, WA.

He and his first wife had a daughter, Felicia Lou Anhalt (born 1927 in WA).

In 1917, married his first wife, Cresence (born c. 1899 in MN). Her parents were both Midwesterners. At age 73, Anhalt married again to Henryetta L Hauck on 11/14/1969 in Seattle, WA.

Anhalt lived to be 100 years old. Some sources have indicated that Anhalt was born in 1895, others 1896. The Social Security Death Index indicated his birth date to have been 03/06/1896 and his death date as 07/17/1996. SSN: 535-07-4032.

Associated Locations

  • Seattle, WA (Architect's Death)
    Seattle, WA

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  • Canby, MN (Architect's Birth)
    Canby, MN

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