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Male, US, born 1934-08-20, died 2010-08-15

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Esherick, Joseph and Associates, Architects; Klein, Henry, Architect; Nyberg, Folke, Architect; Thiry, Paul, FAIA, Architect

Professional History


Draftsman, Joseph Esherick, Architect, San Francisco, CA.

Designer, Paul Thiry, Architect, Seattle, WA, c. 1960-1961; for Thiry, Nyberg worked on plans for the Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church #2 built in 1962-1963.

Designer, Henry Klein, Architect, 1966-1967. Nyberg worked on the Nash and Mathes Dormitories at Western Washington State College in Bellingham while working with Klein.

Head, City of Seattle Planning Commission, Urban Design Section, Seattle, WA.

Principal, Folke Nyberg, Architect, Seattle, WA.


Nyberg began teaching urban design courses during Lee Copeland's absence from the University of Washington (UW), Department of Architecture. Professor, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, UW, Seattle, WA, 1969-1999. According to the UW news source, UW Today, Nyberg during "His last several years at the UW, ...held appointments in both Architecture and Scandinavian Studies." (See "Gathering to mark life of Folke Nyberg," UW Today, 10/10/2010.)

Professional Activities

Member, Downtown Neighborhood Alliance, Seattle, WA.

The Seattle Times noted Nyberg's activities in advocating the construction of a central public square at Westlake Center. It wrote in his obituary: "Never afraid to challenge local government of well-connected developers, Mr. Nyberg was in the forefront of the movement that helped get a public gathering space in the downtown Westlake development." (See Jack Broom, "Noted architect Folke Nyberg devoted to people," Seattle Times, 09/02/2010, p. B8.)

Nyberg also advocated for the retention of the Alaska Way Viaduct: "More recently, as officials debated the merits of a tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct, Mr. Nyberg argue that the existing viaduct not only be retained, but be embellished into a 'linear city' with residences, shops and businesses." (See Jack Broom, "Noted architect Folke Nyberg devoted to people," Seattle Times, 09/02/2010, p. B8.)


High School/College

Graduate, Lincoln High School, Seattle, WA; Nyberg was co-valedictorian of his high school class.

B.Arch., Yale University, New Haven, CT.

M.Arch., Yale University, New Haven, CT. At Yale, Nyberg wrote his graduate thesis on the Pike Place Market.



Prof. Nyberg was born in Sweden, but immigrated to the US in 1947 at the age of 13. He attended high school in Seattle, WA, before enrolling at Yale University. He earned an academic scholarship as an undergraduate and returned to Yale for his graduate degree in architecture.

Nyberg died following a two-year struggle with prostate cancer.


Nyberg married twice. The first time, he married Beverly R. Smith on 06/18/1966 in King County, WA.

He then wed Lisa D. Krueger on 11/20/1971 in Snohomish County, WA.


He and Lisa had three children, Carl Nyberg, Thea Nyberg Burris, and Ingrid Nyberg.

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