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Male, US, born 1859-06, died 1929-08-08

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Cutter and Poetz, Architects

Professional History


Partner, Cutter and Poetz, Architects, Spokane, WA, 1889-1894; in 1889, the partnership was known as "Kirtland K. Cutter and Company" with an office in the Washington Building. By 1890 the firm was known as "Cutter and Poetz, Architects," with offices at the 1st National Bank Building, Riverside Avenue and Howard Street, NW corner. The firm of Cutter and Poetz was still listed in the Classified Business Directory of the R.L. Polk and Company's Spokane City Directory, 1895, (p. 546.) it had an office in the 1st National Bank Building.

Principal, J.C. Poetz, Architect, Spokane, WA, c. 1902. In 1902, Poetz had office space at 1854 Bridge Avenue in Spokane. (See R.L. Polk and Company's Spokane Directory, 1902, p. 857.)

Architect, Idaho Gold and Ruby Mine, Lenia, ID, 1920.



Born in MN, Poetz relocated to CA before 1888 (where his son John, Jr., was born) and came to Spokane Falls, WA, before 1889, when he formed an architectural partnership with Kirtland K. Cutter, a firm that lasted until 1894.A shortage of work following the Panic of 1893 probably hastened the end of the Cutter and Poetz partnership.

He, his wife and four children lived in a house at 1854 Bridge Avenue in 1900.

He and his family resided in Lenia, ID, while he worked as an architect for the Idaho Gold and Ruby Company. (See, Source Citation Year: 1920; Census Place: Lenia, Boundary, Idaho; Roll: T625_289; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 36, accessed 11/10/2021.)


His mother's name was Margaret Legal.


He married Amanda C. Parmen (born c. 06/1862 in Sweden-d. 1943). They wed c. 1887. She emigrated to the US, c. 1870.


According to the US Census of 1900, he and Amanda had had six children, four of whom were alive in that year: John C., Jr., (born c. 01/1888 in CA-d. 06/18/1937 in Medical Lake, WA), Gladys M. (born 07/27/1891 in Spokane, WA), Joseph L. (born c. 07/1895 in Spokane, WA) and Carl F. (born c. 11/1898 in Spokane, WA). Another child, born on 12/14/1892, may have been one of the two deceased children. (Records disagree as to whether it was a boy or girl.) State birth records also indicated a male child had been born on 07/15/1894. After 1900, another girl was born to the couple on 11/21/1904.

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  • Spokane, WA (Architect's Death)
    Spokane, WA

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PCAD id: 2232

1st National Bank of Spokane Falls, Downtown, Spokane Falls, WA 1890
1st National Bank of Spokane, Office Building #2, Riverside, Spokane, WA 1889-1890SpokaneWA
Agricultural College, Experiment Station and School of Science of the State of Washington, Building Project, Pullman, WA1889PullmanWA
Augustine, Bean and Hoyt Building, Spokane, WA1889-1890SpokaneWA
Burne, Dr., House, Lidgerwood Park, Spokane, WA1890SpokaneWA
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City of Portland, City Hall #2, Cutter and Poetz Project, Portland, OR1890PortlandOR
Clark, F. Lewis, Gate Lodge, Spokane, WA1890SpokaneWA
Clark, F. Lewis, House Project, Spokane, WA1890SpokaneWA
Clark, F.L., Commerical Building Project, Spokane, WA1891SpokaneWA
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Spokane Public Schools, Columbia Elementary School, Hillyard, Spokane, WA1892SpokaneWA
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Three House Sketches1891
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White House Store, Spokane, WA1889-1890SpokaneWA
World's Columbian Exposition, Idaho Building, Chicago, IL 1892-1893ChicagoIL