Male, US, born 1885-09-24, died 1931-01-08

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Tuttle, Rollin S., Architect

Professional History


Tuttle worked as both a Methodist minister and as an architect. According to his World War I draft registration card, Tuttle worked as a minister at the Methodist Church on Miller Avenue in Portsmouth, NH, in 09/1918.

Principal, Rollin S. Tuttle, Architect, Oakland, CA, c. 1928-1931. Tuttle was granted a certificate to practice architecture in the State of California, 1928.



Tuttle was born in San Rafael, CA. He lived on the East Coast from at least 1911 until 1920. In 1911, at the time of his marriage, Tuttle lived in Brookline, MA, and worked as an architect. Judging from the birthplace of his daughter, Carol, who was born in NY, it appears that Tuttle may have worked for the Methodist Church somewhere in that state c. 1915. Seven years later, he resided on Little Harbor Road in Portsmouth, NH while working as a Methodist minister there. By 1920, Tuttle, his wife, and three children lived at 962 Washington Street in Essex, MA. He continued his work with the Methodist Church.


His father was a clergyman, Rev. Frank L. Tuttle (born 10/15/1849 in Appleton, WI-d. 11/15/1923 in Alameda County, CA). His mother was Annie Hoffman Tuttle, (1849-1921). The family seems to have had strong ties to Pacific Grove, CA, as Rollin, his parents, and his brother all either lived or were buried in this city. Both of his parents were buried in El Carmelo Cemetery, Pacific Grove, CA.

His brother, Paul Vincent Tuttle (1881-1955), was also an architect who worked in both Northern and Southern CA.


He married Ida Mae Ball (born 07/31/1883 in Portland, ME-d. 06/22/1965 in Monterey County, CA) in Portland, ME. on 09/06/1911. At the time of her marriage Ida worked at the Portland, ME, YWCA.

After Rollin Tuttle's premature death, Ida Mae Ball married Alfred Kennedy (born c. 1865 in AR), who, in 1940, worked as a minister in Fresno, CA.

Biographical Notes

His World War I draft registration card indicated that Tuttle was tall, with blue eyes and light hair at age 32. (See, Registration Location: Rockingham County, New Hampshire; Roll: 1711853; Draft Board: 1, accessed 05/10/2018.)

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