Male, UK/US, born 1866-05-24, died 1944-10-10

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Coates, Crawford, Architect; Howard and Galloway, Architects and Engineers

Professional History

Crawford Coates, Architect, Los Angeles, CA; he specialized in school design and executed churches at the the University of Washington, Seattle, and of the University of Idaho, Moscow.



Coursework, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, c. 1885-1887.

College Activities

Coates played on the 1885 Penn Varsity Baseball team.



Born in Cape Town, South Africa, H. Crawford Coates, Jr., received his education at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. The University listed Coates as a non-graduate of the Class of 1887.He remained working in two architectural partnerships in Philadelphia between 1891 and 1906, before he relocated to Idaho in 1906. Coates owned a 160-acre ranch in Coates, Latah County, ID, but remained here briefly before settling in San Francisco and Seattle to work on Seattle's 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition for Howard and Galloway. Coates was listed in the Seattle City Directory as the local agent for Howard and Galloway. He moved north from Seattle to Victoria and Vancouver, BC, in 1910; here he entered into a partnership with Arthur Fleet (born c. 1864) from 1913-1917. He moved back to CA in 1918, and resided in the Manhattan Beach area for the remainder of his life. Coates died 10/09/1944 in Manhattan Beach at the age of 78;


His mother's maiden name was Holmes;

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