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Male, Ireland/US, born 1836-03, died 1912-05-08

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Nestor, John, Architect

Professional History


Principal, John Nestor, Architect, San Francisco, CA, c. 1862-1864;

Principal, John Nestor, Contractor/Architect, Portland, OR, c. 1864-c. 1867. The Portland, Oregon, City Directory, 1866, (p. 65), indicated that Nestor worked as a contractor. He was credited by architect Richard Ellison Ritz as someone who "...brought new ideas of cast-iron design from San Francisco [to Portland, OR]." (Richard Ellison Ritz, Architects of Oregon, [Portland, OR: Lair Hill Publishing, 2002], p. 295.) Nestor seems to have left Portland by 1868 or 1869, but was reported to be living in the city in 1874. The Portland, Oregon, City Directory, 1874,(p. 171). listed Nestor as an architect.

Principal, John Nestor, Architect, Seattle, WA, c. 1883-c. 1891. Nestor seems to have changed professions, becoming a grocer by 1900.



Born in Ireland, Nestor came at an early age to the United States, apparently as an infant in 1836. (See He first settled in Indiana, but came West to San Francisco, probably drawn by the Gold Rush.

He made his way to Portland, OR, by 1864. He resided on the corner of 1st Avenue and Jefferson Street. (See Portland, Oregon, City Directory, 1866, p. 65)

Nestor and his first wife had a child born in IA c. 1872, and another born in OR in c. 1875. He lived on the southeast corner of East Park and College Streets in 1874. (See Portland, Oregon, City Directory, 1874,p. 171.)

He arrived in Seattle, WA, by 1883. He lived in a rear property at 308 Ash Street, on the northeast corner of Thomas Street and Ash Street, according to Polk's Seattle City Directories from 1888-1891. In 1897, he resided at 308 1/2 Nob Hill Avenue in Seattle, but had moved to Tacoma, WA, by 1900. According to the US Census of 1900, Nestor lived with his second wife at 932 C Street in Tacoma. Working as a grocer in 1900, Nestor was prosperous to afford a servant, Christina Brown (born c. 10/1878 in WA).

In 1911, a year before the end of his life, Nestor lived at 122 West Garfield Street, along with Margaret and George B. Nestor.


Nestor was married twice.

He wed his second wife, Magaret Elizabeth Bomier, (born 1862 in WI-d. 1949 in Seattle, WA), around 1890. After John's death, she worked as a baker in 1916. (See R.L. Polk and Company's Seattle, Washington, City Directory, 1916, p. 1174.)


In 1885, Nestor lived with two children, Carrie (born c. 1872 perhaps in IA) and Ralph (born c. 1877 perhaps in OR), accroding to the Washington Territorial Census.

With his second wife, he had at least three children: Haven Nestor (born c. 02/1891 in WA), Margaret E. Nestor Thatcher (born 05/24/1892 in Skagit County, WA-d. 09/30/1973 in Portland, OR), and George Nestor (born c. 12/1893 in WA).

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  • Seattle, WA (Architect's Death)
    Seattle, WA

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