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Male, US, born 1888-08-29, died 1973-05-05

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Bergstrom and Witmer, Architects; Witmer and Watson, Architects

Professional History

Partner, Witmer and Watson, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, 1919-1941, 1945-c. 1948; Bergstrom and David J. Witmer acted as the Chief Architects for the Pentagon Building, Arlington, VA; Bergstrom and Witmer did the basic design work in a remarkably short time, between 7/17/1941 and 7/22/1941; construction occurred between 9/11/1941-1/15/1943; Partner, Witmer, Watson and Pidgeon, Architects and Engineers, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1948- ;


Witmer was born in CA and died in Los Angeles County at the age of 84;

SSN: 565-18-3976.

PCAD id: 2177