Male, US, born 11/12/1937

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Fisher Dachs Associates, Theatre Planning and Design, Incorporated; Fisher, Jules, Associates

Professional History

Founding Partner, Fisher Dachs Associates, Incorporated, New York, NY, c. 2010; Partner, Fisher Marantz, Architectural Lighting Design, New York, NY, c. 1990; Partner, Fisher Marantz Stone (FMS), Architectural Lighting Design, New York, NY; Partner, Third Eye, Limited, Entertainment and Theatre Lighting, New York, NY, 1985-present; Fisher partnered with Peggy Eisenhauer, a lighting designer, to form Third Eye.

Instructor, The New School, New York, NY;


Graduate, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, PA;


Fisher married Graciela Daniele, a choreographer and director.

The Fisher Dachs Associates web site noted of Jules Fisher in 2010: "In a celebrated career spanning almost 40 years, Jules Fisher has lit over 200 Broadway and off-Broadway shows, as well as film, ballet, opera, television, and rock-and-roll concert tours. He has received 18 Tony nominations and won 8 Tony awards for Lighting Design, a record in this category." (See "Jules Fisher Founding Principal,"Accessed 06/102/2010.) Fisher was also an amateur magician. Fisher Dachs Associates, Incorporated, 22 W.19th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY, 10011; Tel: 212.691.3020 (2010);

Associated Locations

  • Norristown, PA (Architect's Birth)
    Norristown, PA

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