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Male, UK/US, born 1866-06-16, died 1936-07-14

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Evers and Keith, Architects; Parkinson and Evers, Architects

Professional History


Partner, [John] Parkinson and Evers, Seattle, WA, 1889-1890; Partner, Evers and [John] Keith, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1890-1893; Principal, Cecil C. Evers, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1894-c. 1896; he occupied Room #722 in the New York Building in 1895. (See R.L. Polk and Company's Seattle City Directory, 1895, p. 300.) Evers left Seattle at a particularly slow period in its economic history; little building was being done between 1894-1897 and many architects left the city, including his one-time partner John Parkinson, who re-established a successful practice in Los Angeles, CA.

Evers probably moved from Seattle to NY c.1896. His name did not appear in the R.L. Polk and Company's Seattle City Directory, 1897, but did appear in its 1895 edition (p. 300). A "Cecil Evers," with comparable vital statistics, lived as a boarder in Richmond, NY, in 1900, and was engaged in the export business. This may or may not have been the former architect. In 1910, he worked as a secretary of a mortgage company.



Cecil C. Evers was born in London, England, in 1866, was baptized in Barnes, Surrey,and at age five, lived in the Love Green hamlet of Iver, Buckinghamshire. He emigrated from Liverpool to the US in 02/1888. A King County Census performed in conjunction with the Washington Territory becoming a State, indicated that on 05/20/1889, Evers lived in the 3rd Ward of Seattle, WA. The 1890 Polk's Seattle City Directory indicated that Evers lived at 1012 Pike Street; in 1894, he and his wife, Alice, lived on the northwest corner of Drexel and Johnson Avenues, where their son, Arthur, was born. (See R.L. Polk and Company's Seattle City Directory, 1894, p. 325.) During his last year in Seattle, 1895, Evers inhabited a dwelling on the southeast corner of 10th Avenue and Seneca Street. (See R.L. Polk and Company's Seattle City Directory, 1895, p. 300.)

The Evers Family lived in some comfort in Babylon, NY, in 1910, residing at 401 Argyle Park, according to the 1910 US Census; Cecil, Evers, his wife and son lived with four live-in servants at the time. In 1922, he lived in Hyde Park, Dutchess County, NY, where he was the Vice-President of the Lawyer Mortgage Company. Six years, later, Evers lived in Elmsford, Westchester County, NY, in a residence at 330 Knollwood Ridge, along with his son, Arthur, his daughter-in-law, Ruth Bonnell, and a servant, Noro Se (born c. 1885 in Japan). The US Census listed the value of his house at $25,000, well more than average for the time, and typical of what a mortgage company executive might have. Evers died in the Bronx, NY, on 07/14/1936. At his death, Evers also maintained a residence in Queens Gate-gardens, South Kensington, Middlesex, and left £3,034, 19 s. and 4 d. in English accounts.


His father was Arthur Evers (born c. 1837), also an architect, born in York, England. In 1922, Arthur Evers did not have a permanent residence in England, but had the financial wherewithal to travel throughout Europe. His mother was Mary Ann Calvert Evers (born c. 1841 in Cuba), who kept house.Cecil had four brothers and sisters according to the 1871 English Census: Charles North Calvert Evers (born c. 1865 in Barnes, Surrey, UK), Harold Calvert (born c. 1868 in London), Mabel Calvert (born c. 1869 in Ealing, London) and Ethel Calvert (born c. 1870 in Ealing, London). The family was prosperous enough to have a live-in servant at the time, Ellen Burton (born c. 1845 in Uxbridge, London).


Cecil Evers married more than once. While living in Seattle, he married Alice E. Call, perhaps c. 1893. (An "Alice Elise Call" born c. 1878, died 02/21/1951 in Tacoma, WA.) Later, while living in NY, he wed Elenor (perhaps Eleanor) V. Evers (born c. 1872 in England) in 1905 or 1906. Elenor's parents were both of English stock. She died between 1920-1930.


Cecil and his first wife had a son, Arthur Robert Evers (born 03/03/1894 in WA-d. 12/21/1970 in Rye, NY). Arthur became a civil engineer and volunteered for the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force in 1915. In the early 1920s, he worked as a building appraiser in Toronto, CA, and by 1930, he was a bookkeeper. He married twice, first to Phyllis Maud Davies (born c. 1898 in England) on 12/21/1918 in London, and then to Ruth Bonnell (born c. 1900 in NY). Cecil and Elenor Evers had a son, Cecil V. Evers (born c. 04/1909 in NY. One US Census form had his name as "Cecil C.V. Evers."). In 1930, at age 21, he was stationed at the US Army Air Corp's Mitchel Field, which experienced extensive growth between 1929-1932.

Biographical Notes

Evers was naturalized in the US District Court in Seattle, WA, on 01/24/1894. He traveled in England and Switzerland in 1914. In 1922, Evers made another trip to visit family in England and indicated his intention to visit France, Germany, Austria and Italy. (He intended to embark from the Port of Montreal aboard the Canadian Pacific Steamships Limited's S.S. Montrose in 07/1922.) Evers returned with a relative aboardIn 1928, Evers returned from a European trip aboard the S.S. Franconia from Liverpool to New York between 09/08/1928 and 09/16/1928.

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