Female, US, born 1892-03-18, died 1981-09-14

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Shellenberger, Harriet R., Interior Designer

Professional History

Principal, Helen Shellenberger, Interior Designer, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1935. Shellenberger collaborated on several occasions with the Los Angeles architect, Paul R. Williams (1894-1980).


Shellenberger was born in IL, as were her parents. The 1930 US Census indicated that Harriet, her husband, mother, and two sons lived at 1845 Crestmont Court in Glendale, CA. Their house had an estimated value of $13,000 in 1930. and died in Los Angeles County, CA, at the age of 89.

Her mother was Margaret Sullivan Robings (born c. 1868 in IL), the daughter of Irish immigrants.

At age 19, she married Claude B. Shellenberger, Sr. (born c. 1891 in OH), c. 1911. In 1930, Claude worked as a wholesale bed salesman.

She and Claude had two sons: Claude B., Jr., (born c. 1915 in CO) and Richard E. (born c. 1918 in MT).

SSN: 572-44-1217.

PCAD id: 2024