Male, US, born 1880-10-10, died 1950-02-17

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Krafft, Julius E., and Sons, Architects

Professional History

Architect, Julius E. Krafft and Sons, Architects, San Francisco, CA; according to the US Census of 1920, Alfred Krafft identified himself as a structural engineer, while his brother, Elmer, was an architect.


Born in San Francisco, Alfred Krafft lived his whole life in the city, dying there at age 69. The Krafft household lived at 2232 Pine Street in 1900. In 1920, the Krafft Family--two parents and four children--lived all together at a residence at 2829 Divisadero Street; ten years later, all but Elmer continued to reside in this same house. Alfred was at this time 49 years old. According to the US Census of 1930, the house had an approximate value of $20,000.

Alfred J. Krafft's father was the early San Francisco architect, Julius E. Krafft (born 11/1853 in Germany), with whom he later practiced; Alfred Krafft's mother, Anna Hager Kraft (born 02/1855 in MI), married Julius c. 1875 had four children: Alfred, his twin brother, Elmer J. (born 10/10/1881 in San Francisco, CA), Elsie (born 12/1875 in CA) and Mabel (born 11/1878 in CA). Elmer J. Krafft worked with Alfred in their father's architectural firm.

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  • San Francisco, CA (Architect's Death)
    San Francisco, CA

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