Male, born 1855-11-11, died 1937

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Gaynor, John P., Architect; Krafft, Julius E., and Sons, Architects; Krafft, Julius, Architect; Welsh, Thomas J., Architect

Professional History


Draftsman, John P. Gaynor, Architect, San Francisco, CA. Krafft worked for Gaynor while his office worked on the Palace Hotel #1.

Draftsman/Chief Draftsman, Thomas J. Welsh, Architect, San Francisco, CA, c. 1876-1888. (Architectural historian Daniella Thompson, has noted of Krafft: "Krafft was in charge of Welsh’s drafting department for twelve years before opening his own office in 1888." (See Daniella Thompson, The Berkeley Daily, "East Bay Then and Now: Shipping Magnate's Mansion Is Rare Survivor on Oxford Street," published 09/08/2006, accessed 11/22/2017.)

Principal, Julius E. Krafft, Architect, San Francisco, CA.

Partner, Julius E. Krafft and Sons, Architects, San Francisco, CA, c. 1905-1920.



Born in Leonberg, Wurttemburg, Germany, Krafft. according to a US Passport Application of 07/23/1894, came to the US from Bremen, Germany aboard the S.S. America, 10/06/1872. He stayed in New York, NY, and Chicago, IL, before settling in San Francisco, CA, on 04/18/1879.


His children included Elmer Jerome (1880–1944) and Alfred Julius (1880–1950), who worked in their father's architectural firm during their early adult years. Elmer became an architect, Alfred, a structural engineer.

Biographical Notes

Krafft's name was often misspelled as "Kraft." In the 06/1908 masthead of the Architect and Engineer of California, a "Julius E. Kraft" was listed as a Contributor. (See Architect and Engineer of California, 13:2, 06/1908, p. 78.)

His US Passport Application of 1894 described him as being 5 feet, 8 inches tall, with a square forehead, brown eyes, "roman" nose, dark complexion, dark brown hair, and an oval face.

PCAD id: 1921