Male, born 1863, died 1937

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Backus, J.J., Architect

Professional History


Superintendent for Buildings, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1906.

Professional Actvities

Following the catastrophic San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 04/18-19/1906, architect Backus in his capacity as Superintendent of Buildings for the City of Los Angeles, traveled north to survey the damage. Before leaving he was quoted in the Los Angeles Herald as saying: "J.J. Backus, superintendent of buildings for Los Angeles, left for San Francisco last evening and will go over the entire burned district inspecting the buildings that stood the test of the quake and the fire. 'I believe from all newspaper reports we have had,' said Superintendent Backus, 'that steel structures stood the test of shake and fire splendidly. It appears to me that steel buildings of eight to ten stories are the proper size for new 'Frisco and Los Angeles. The earthquake will not operate to serious injury of Los Angeles. In fact I do not believe the disaster will have any ill effect whatever on this city or Southern California. We have been issuing the usual number of building permits daily from the office, and I know of several large store and office buildings to be erected the present season to provide for the increased business of the community. Los Angeles has been expanding steadily, and she will continue to grow now with greater rapidity. This is to be a great metropolis--one of the most important commercial centers in the great west.'" (See "Bankers Gone North," Los Angeles Herald, 04/27/1906, part II, p. 5.)

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