Male, US, born 12/10/1886, died 04/28/1969

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Munson, Arthur C., Architect; Ruoff and Munson, Architects

Professional History

His World War I Draft Registration Card indicated his profession as "architectural designing."


Born in MO, Munson lived with his family at 2828 East 6th Street in Kansas City, MO, in 1900. Munson and his wife resided in 1917 at 673 South Los Robles in Pasadena, CA. He lived at 1512 Ramona Avenue in South Pasadena, CA, in 1930; Munson and his wife owned their house in 1930 which was valued at $8,000; they owned a radio set in that year. He died in Los Angeles County, CA, at the age of 82;

Munson's parents married c. 1879, probably in IL. His mother, Elizabeth S. Gordon, was born 03/1852 in ME. His father, Charles M. Munson (born 05/1840 in NY), sold life insurance in 1900, and was prosperous enough to own his own house (although he had a mortgage) and to have a live-in servant. Charles and Elizabeth had 3 children: Mark G. (born 10/1880 in IL), Florence S. (born c. 12/1881 in IL) and Arthur.

Munson married his wife Helen A. Munson c. 1916. Helen had been born in CA around 1890; her father came from OH, her mother, Scotland.

At age 13, Munson lived in Kansas City, MO, at In 1930, he had one son, Gordon M. Munson, (born c. 1921 in CA).

SSN: 571-22-2123;

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  • Kansas City, MO (Architect's Birth)
    Kansas City, MO

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