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Male, US, born 1931-10-02, died 2002-10-10

Associated with the firm network

Bassetti / Norton / Metler / Rekevics, Architects

Professional History


Partner, Bassetti/Norton/Metler/Rekevics Architects, Seattle, WA, 1979-1994; Rekevics retired c. 1994.



Born in Liepaja, Latvia, Rekevics immigrated to the US on 04/27/1949. He first came to the US aboard the US Army Transport ship, the USS General M.L. Hersey in use between 1944 and 1950) landing in New York, NY.

Rekevics lived in the Longview, WA, in 1958, and continued to own property there into the 1990s.

Rekevics died in Seattle, WA at the age of 71.

Biographical Notes

He was known as "Karl" Rekevics. Rekevics was naturalized in Longview, WA, on 06/18/1958. SSN: 476-32-6787

PCAD id: 1557