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Male, US, born 1887-07-13, died 1981-08-23

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Appleton and Appleton, Architects; Appleton and Wolfard, Architects; Hays, Rankin, and Appleton, Architects; Hyman and Appleton, Architects

Professional History

Draftsman, John Galen Howard, Architect, Berkeley, CA, 1905-1906, 1910-1914; Designer, William C. Hays, Architect, Berkeley, CA, 1916-1920; Junior Partner, William C. Hays, Architect, (Joseph J. Rankin, and Appleton, Junior Partners), San Francisco, CA, c. 1920-1940; Partner, Hyman and Appleton, Architects, San Francisco, CA, c. 1942; (according to his Draft Registration Card of 1942, Appleton was partnered with Hyman.) Partner, Appleton and Wolfard, San Francisco, CA, c. 1945- ; this firm had its office at 251 Post Street, San Francisco, CA, in 1955.

President, American Institute of Architects (AIA), Northern CA Chapter, 1940. When surveyed in 1955, Appleton indicated that he was a Registered Architect in the State of CA.


Coursework in architecture, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 1907-1908;



Appleton lived his whole life in San Francisco, CA. In 1900, Abraham lived with his parents and sisters in a residence at 615 Natona Street in San Francisco. They lived in a working-class neighborhood, populated with many Irish and German immigrants. At this time, the household included two of Harry Appleton's brothers, Isaac (born c. 1863 in CA) and Isadore (born c. 1872 in NY), and a lodger, Joseph Goldman (born c. 1872 in Russia), who came to the US c. 1894. Isaac and Isadore sold stationery, while Joseph was a cloak cutter in the garment industry.

The family lived at 2020 Delaware Street in 1910, with Isadore and a 13-year-old niece, also lodging with them. Hilda and Abraham lived with Harry and Edith at 124 Belvedere Street in San Francisco nearby to Golden Gate Park and the future location of Kezar Stadium. The US Census of 1930 noted that Appleton, his wife Hilda, their son, Robert, and a widowed housekeeper, Lill La Nene (born c. 1884 in IL) rented accommodations at 517 14th Avenue in San Francisco, a neighborhood consisting of working-class and professional families, many of whom came from Russia and Germany. Rent came to $100 per month.


His father, Harry (born 12/1856 in Poland), was a Polish-Russian immigrant, who worked as an upholsterer. According to the US Census of 1900, he made his way to the US in 1857, and had been naturalized. His mother, Edith Michaels Appleton (born 05/1866 in CA), worked in the home. Her parents both were born in Germany. Abraham had two sisters: Tillie (born 12/1893 in CA) and Miriam (12/1893 in CA). (The 1900 US Census called his sister, "Miriam," the 1910 US Census named her "Merian.") Harry and Edith married c. 1885.


Abraham Appleton married Hilda Oser (born 01/11/1889 in Chico, CA-died 07/01/1978 in San Francisco, CA) in 1914. Her father, Morris Oser (born 01/1853 in Germany), was a Chico dry goods merchant who immigrated to the US, c. 1869. Her mother was Rose Oser (born 09/1866 in CA), whose parents were English.


When surveyed in 1955, Appleton indicated that he had had one child, Robert (born c. 1918 in CA-d. 05/31/2013 in San Francisco, CA). Robert also became an architect.

In 1955, he reported having traveled in Europe. Member, Concordia Argonaut Club, c. 1955; SSN: 556-26-1472; Appleton and his wife traveled aboard the S.S. Lurline from San Francisco to Honolulu, HI, between 12/22/1948-12/27/1948. They returned between 01/10/1949-c. 01/15/1949 on board the same ship.

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