Male, US, born 1904-10-07, died 1982-08

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Blanchard and Maher, Architects; Blanchard, Maher, and Ward, Architects; Maher and Martens, Architects; Spencer, Blanchard and Maher

Professional History

Partner, Blanchard and Maher, Architects, San Francisco, CA, 1932-1961; during the Depression's most meagre years, Blanchard and Maher obtained a consistent architectural income becoming the sole architects working for Region 5 of the US Forest Service, which at this time covered the State of CA. in 1962, Blanchard and Maher's office was located at 40 1st Street in San Francisco. Partner, Maher and [Henry E.] Martens, Architects, San Francisco, CA, 1961- .

Maher joined the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Northern California Chapter, in either 1938 or 1945, according to various editions of the American Architects Directory, published by the AIA.

Some documents of the firm Blanchard and Maher are housed at the Architecture & Design Collection, University Art Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara;


A.B., University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 1927.


In 1920, Edward lived with his parents and sister in a house at 3033 Wheeler Street, in Berkeley, CA. Their neighborhood consisted of people, mostly American-born and Northern European immigrants, working in blue-collar and clerical jobs.

His father, John F. Maher (born c. 1866 in MA), worked as a railroad baggage man in 1920. His mother, Mary Maher (born c. 1870 in MO), managed the household. Both of his parents were of Irish extraction. He had a sister, Helen C. Maher (born c. 1901 in CA).

He married Amelia Maher (born c. 1913 in San Francisco, CA).

One child was John Maher (born c. 1943 in Berkeley, CA).

Edward, Amelia and John Maher sailed from Honolulu, TH, to San Francisco between 07/18-23/1955 aboard the S.S. Lurline. SSN: 559-50-6310.

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