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US, born 07/31/1888, died 06/10/1957

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Butner and Stanton, Architects; Butner, Charles Edward, Architect; Glass and Butner, Architects

Professional History

Partner, Glass and Butner, Architects, Fresno and San Francisco, CA, 1914-c. 1922; the two opened a San Francisco office in 1919 for the purpose of completing a proposal for the Veterans' Memorial Building Competition; Pilot, U.S. Army Aero Squadron, France, World War I, c. 1917-1919; Principal, Charles Edward Butner, Architect, Salinas, CA, c. 1930-19??


B.Arch., University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1911; Butner worked with Paul Cret;


Born in Winston-Salem, NC, Butner attended school in PA, and came to CA in 1912. He settled in Fresno, CA, c.1914, and worked here, save for time spent in the U.S. Army Aero Squadron during W.W.I, until the onset of the Dperession. He left Fresno for Salinas, CA, in the 1930s.

Butner served in W.W. I as a pilot in the U.S. Army Aero Squadron, returning to the Fresno, CA, in 1919;

Associated Locations

  • Winston-Salem, NC (Architect's Birth)
    Winston-Salem, NC

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