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Male, US, born 1868-12-07, died 1945-02-14

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Austin and Skilling, Architects; Neher and Skilling, Architects; Skilling, Chauncey Fitch, Architect

Professional History

Draftsman, two years in Los Angeles, CA, c. 1892-1894; Partner, [John C.W.] Austin and Skilling, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1896-1899; Partner, Naher and Skilling, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, 1899-1907; Principal, Chauncey Fitch Skilling, Architect, Los Angeles, CA, 1914-1945. He specialized in the design of churches and schools during his independent practice.

Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA), Southern CA Chapter. In 1903, Skilling was a friend of the Los Angeles architect John C.W. Austin (1870-1963), and stood in as a witness at his naturalization ceremony.


Coursework, CA State Normal School, Los Angeles, CA; he graduated from the University of Southern CA, Los Angeles, CA, in 1892. He attended a business college, perhaps at USC, graduating in 1893.


Chauncey Fitch Skilling was born in Manchester, IL, but by 1886 he had relocated to Los Angeles, CA. In 1888, he was a student. The LA City Directories of 1888-1890 indicated that he lived on the east side of Waters Street near Temple Street. He lived with his father, 3 brothers, 2 nieces and a nephew in a house at 380 Douglas Street, Los Angeles, in 1900. Skilling lived alone in an apartment building at 825 West 8th Street, Los Angeles, between at least 1916-1920 according to voter registration lists and the 1920 census. Skilling lived at 957 South Burlington Avenue, Los Angeles, c. 1925-1927. He resided by himself in another apartment at 2120 11th Street, Los Angeles, between 1928-c1931. He lived at 1008 West Adams Boulevard from at least 1932-1934.

His father, Josiah Hamilton Skilling, was a physician (born 04/1830 [1831 in a Los Angeles Public Library source] in OH and died in Lima, OH, in 1901).Josiah's father had come from Ireland, his mother, PA. Skilling's mother's maiden name was Margaret Lucy Thompson, born in 1830 in Athens, OH, she died before 1900. In that year, Chauncey lived with his brothers Edward H. (born 02/1863 in OH), William T. (born c. 12/1866 in IL), and Robert P. (born 10/1870 in IL). Edward worked as a pension clerk at a local military home, William, a student, and Robert, a teacher. Edward had also been widowed by 1900, and his three children, Harold C. (born 05/1890 in CA), Helen W. (born 10/1891 in CA) and Elsie N. (born 05/1892 in CA), lived in the same house as Chauncey, their father, other two uncles and grandfather.

Skilling never married.

Skilling devoted some of his time to public service, serving on the Los Angeles Board of Education, 1900-1902 and the Los Angeles City Council, 1902-1904. On the LA City Council, Skilling backed proposals to add vocational training classes to the city schools' curriculum. According to a Los Angeles Public Library Local History Collection Biography (written in 1934 and revised in 1927), written by Luella Sawyer and revised by Clare Wallace: "In his councilmanic [sic] term, Mr. Skilling advocated city schools with equipment for vocational training, a new educational thought at that time. With the aid of Dr. J.H. Francis he assisted in passing the resolution through Council for the bond election which resulted in the purchase of land for and the erection of Los Angeles Polytechnic High School, completed in 1906." (See "Los Angeles Public Library Local History Collection Biography, Chauncey Fitch Skilling," written Luella Sawyer, 11/21/1934; revised by Clare Wallace, 04/19/1937,Accessed 08/27/2010.) Member, City Club, Los Angeles, CA; Member, Order of Masons, Los Angeles, CA; Member, CA Art Club. He belonged to the Presbyterian Church and the Republican Party.

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  • Manchester, IL (Architect's Birth)
    Manchester, IL

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