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Baughman, Milo, Designer

Professional History

Born in western Kansas, but moved during his oinfancy to Long Beach, CA; he enlisted for four years with Army Air Corps during World War II, and returned to study architectural and product design at the Art Center School of Los Angeles and at Chouinards, (which became the California School of the Arts in Valencia, CA); designed well-known furniture for the manufacturer Glenn of California in the early 1950s; also did designs for black wrought iron furniture for Pacific Iron in California; he went on to work for other furniture manufacturers, such as Winchendon, Arch Gordon, Directional, and most importantly, Thayer Coggin; Baughman established the School of Environment Design at Brigham Young University, Provo UT, in 1969; he acted as head of the department from 1969-1975; he lived in Virgina from 1975-1987, and returned to lecture at BYU from 1987-1996; in 2003, Baughman lived in Salt Lake City, UT; Baughman studio tel: 801/539-0448 (2003);

Voted to the Furniture Designers Hall of Fame, 1987;



Married Olga Lee; Baughman and Lee operated a custom design shop in Los Angeles, from 1951-1953;

PCAD id: 1083