Male, US, born 02/15/1919, died 06/02/1991

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Eugene W. Fickes and Associates, Architects; Fickes and Fickes, Architects; Harnish and Fickes, Architects

Professional History

Architectural Draftsman, Bermuda Base Contractors, 1941-1943; Construction Foreman, Army Corps of Engineers, 1943-1946; Architectural Draftsman, William Lynch Murray and Associates, Architects, Harrisburg, PA, 1946-1948; Draftsman/Designer, B.E. Starr, Architect, Harrisburg, PA, 1948; Designer, Quintin and Westburg, Architects, Alhambra, CA, 1948-1949; Job Captain, Jay Dewey Harnish, Ontario, CA, 1949-1957; Partner, Harnish and Fickes, Architects, Monrovia, CA, c.1956-1960; both Eugene Weldon Fickes, Jr., and Jay Dewey Harnish came from Lancaster, PA; Partner, Fickes and Fickes, Architects, Arcadia, CA, c. 1960-19??; Founding Partner, Eugene W. Fickes and Associates, Architects, Arcadia, CA, fl. 1977.

Instructor, Penn State University, State College, PA, Summer 1941.

Fickes was elected President of the Ventura Architects Association. He was a long-time resident of Monrovia, CA; he joined the Pasadena Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, in 1949 or 1950. In 1962, Fickes reported having been NCARB Certified.


B.Arch., Penn State University, State College, PA, 1941.


His father, Eugene Weldon Fickes, Sr., (09/17/1890-04/27/1957), born in Pennsylvania, died in San Bernardino County, CA, at the age of 66. Eugene Weldon Fickes, Sr.'s mother's maiden name was Comp. Eugene Weldon Fickes, Jr.'s mother's name was Sarah Torrens Fickes (12/19/1896-03/20/1988). Born in Pennsylvania, she died in Ventura County, CA, at the age of 91.

FICKES EDITH MARIE 08/15/1919 BROWN STOUT F CALIFORNIA SACRAMENTO 11/29/1982 556-14-7979 63 yrs She is the wife of either Eugene Jr or James Torrens Fickes. She had at least two daughters: FICKES SYLVIA ANN 01/27/1953 STOUT FICKES F CALIFORNIA SAN BERNARDINO 06/29/1958 05 yrs ; FICKES 07/08/1951 STOUT FICKES F CALIFORNIA SAN BERNARDINO 07/08/1951 03 hrs

FICKES ANNE LOUISE 11/04/1927 MAGEE BOWER F PENNSYLVANIA LOS ANGELES(19) 09/23/1997 210-20-9107 69 yrs; FICKES CATHERINE JANE 06/23/1919 DWYER MARKER F PENNSYLVANIA SAN BERNARDINO 08/17/1997 021-20-0694 78 yrs;

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  • Lancaster, PA (Architect's Birth)
    Lancaster, PA

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