Male, US, born 1900-11-01, died 1984-02-19

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Colcord, Gerard R., Architect

Professional History


Principal, Gerard R. Colcord, Architect, Los Angeles, CA. In 1964, Colcord had an office in Suite #14 at 275 South Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, CA. (See Beverly Hills, City Directory, 1964, p. 49.) Colcord had a Beverly Hills office at 9538 Brighton Way, Suite #328 in 1973. (See Beverly Hills, City Directory, 1973, p. 31.)



Born in Missouri, Colcord lived at 138 South Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, CA, by 1938. He remained at this location in 1940.

In 1948, he and Mary Colcord lived at 329 El Camino Drive in Los Angeles, CA.

He had his home at 518 North Crescent Drive in Los Angeles in 1954.

In 1958, voting records indicated that Colcord resided at 16016 Woodvale Road in Los Angeles, CA. A city directory of that year also recorded that Colcord and his wife, Mary, had a house at 940 Palisades Beach Road in Santa Monica, CA. (See Santa Monica, California, City Directory, 1958, p. 47.)

His last residence was in the 91316 zip code of the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles; Colcord died at the age of 83.


His mother's maiden name was Garrels.


He wed the actress Mary Akin Carewe on 11/14/1944 at the Westwood Community Church in Los Angeles, CA. A wedding notice in the Los Angeles Times stated: "Mrs. Colcord is the widow of Edwin Carewe, pioneer film director and producer." She had three children with Edwin Carewe (1883-1940): Sally Ann Carewe (in 1944 a student at UCLA), William (born Edwin Gilbert) Carewe and Carol Lee Carewe. The article noted that Mary Akin Carewe resided in a house in Beverly Hills in 1944. (See "Mary A. Carewe Becomes Brisde of G.R. Colcord," Los Angeles Times, 11/12/1944, pt. I, p. 15.)


A Gerald Warren Colcord (perhaps a son?) (01/08/1939-10/24/1983) was born in CA, and died in Ventura County, CA., at the age of 44.

Biographical Notes

In 1938, 1944, 1948, 1954, and 1968, Colcord was a registered Republican.

SSN: 545-30-6764.

PCAD id: 104