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City of Seattle, Department of Neighborhoods
"This building was constructed in 1924 for G.W. Yancy and George Donworth, believed to be a real estate investment firm, as Mr. Donworth was an attorney and Mr. Yancy was a financier. It was designed by John R. Nevins and Pierce A. Horrocks and intended for retail and office use. The original tenant or tenants are not known. By 1934, it was in the ownership of Haskill S. Yancy, presumably a relative of one of the developers, and it housed a single retail operation (Carl Schermer Co., millinery and haberdashery) and the upper floor was used for sales or storage purposes. A number of different retail shops were housed in the building between 1940 and 1968. The building was purchased by Jack Levy in 1967. A long-time tenant is the Liberty Loan and Pawn Shop, dating to the mid-1960s to the present." This information was derived by the Department of Neighborhoods from a Seattle Landmark Nomination form produced by Larry Johnson, 07/31/2006.
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