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Saint Alban's Episcopal Church
The site of St. Alban's Chapel, built in 1931 as a mission of the Diocese of Los Angeles, was chosen because of its proximity to the newly established campus of the University of California at Los Angeles, which has provided an important focus of the parish since then." "St. Alban's was to be a memorial to the late Joseph Horsfall Johnson, who served as the first Bishop of Los Angeles from 1896 to 1928, and whose interest in education and students formed a great part of his life's work. Bishop Johnson's son Reginald D. Johnson, a noted architect of the time, designed St. Alban's Chapel and many other buildings in Southern California...." "The main church building was dedicated on March 2 of that year [1941]; its architect was P.P. Lewis, who also designed the Fox Theatre in Westwood Village.
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