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City of Seattle, Department of Neighborhoods
"The construction drawings for this building were produced and stamped by architect and engineer Henry Bittman, late in his life and career, and also bear the stamped name of the firm “Bittman Adams & Sanders.” Bittman died in late 1953 and the building was completed in 1954, after Bittman’s death, for the Addressograph Multigraph Agency. Based on the original construction drawings, the building included not only offices and a sales department, but also a large “demonstration” area, directly accessible through the double doors of the main façade. A “camera room,” “dark room,” “plate processing area” and vacuum frame area were located in the projecting, west wing of the building. This is Modernist building, designed for an industrial purpose by an architect and engineer, long associated with many Seattle buildings, designed according to historical styles. Bittman Adams & Sanders had clearly made a successful transition to Modernism, but Bittman and his associates are perhaps more well-known for Beaux Arts and Mission Style inspired buildings, many of which are Seattle landmarks."
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