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History of Redding
"In the Poverty Hollow end of Redding Ridge, a forward thinking gentleman named Noble Hoggson with a passion for architecture and the funds to fuel his passion, envisioned an upscale community development in the impoverished Aspectuck district. He renamed the area "Pleasant Valley" and with many of his influential friends and associates purchased a good number of properties in the Aspectuck Valley transforming them into grand estates. His timing was great, Redding became front page news all over the World when Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) arrived in 1908. Once relatively unknown, many artists, writers and others of wealth and influence became aware of its rural beauty and flocked here. Many of the impressive estates on Poverty Hollow Road in the present day are the work or influence of Mr. Hoggson, of course, the original homesteads of the Aspectuck valley were demolished or greatly altered to achieve Hoggson's visions."
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