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Historical-Cultural Monument, Old Council District #5 - Westwood #320 "The first of renowned International Style architect Neutra's commissions in the north village, the Landfair Apartments is acclaimed as a superb example of the International Style. Professor Thomas Hines calls it'one of Neutra's (and modern architecture's) most significant buildings of the inter-war period.'Neutra, educated in Vienna, was influenced by architects Otto Wagner, Adolph Loos, and Frank Lloyd Wright. Emigrating to the United States in 1923, he came to California in 1926 and for a while was in partnership with Rudolph Schindler. He began his own practice in 1927 with the design of the acclaimed Lovell House. He carried the design principles he had developed for single-family residences into his multifamily units: clean, geometric lines; horizontally banded materials; dramatic windows and use of glass; and economical use of space. Originally commissioned by the Joseph Rabinovitch family as an investment property, the building became the focus of long legal battles between the contractor and the owner. In 1941, it was purchased by the University Cooperative Housing Association, part of the student housing cooperative movement which began in the 1930s. The cooperative's open membership policy provided affordable housing in the Village to minorities at a time when the area's restrictive housing covenants made finding accommodations difficult. Among the residents of the Landfair were Ralph Bunche and Los Angeles City Councilman, Robert Farrell. The Landfair has been included on the list of Cultural Heritage Landmarks;" excerpted from the Cultural Resources Documentation Report Westwood: North and East Villages Prepared by Johnson Heumann Research Associates for the City of Los Angeles Department of Planning May 15, 1987
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