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State of California, State Parks Department, Office of Historic Preservation
"In 1890, lumberman Richard Holyoke constructed the Holyoke Building. Architects Thomas Bird and George Dornbach had planned the construction of the Holyoke Building prior to Seattle's 1889 fire. After the fire had occurred, the Holyoke Building was one of the first office buildings to be completed. [35] This building represents the northward expansion of Seattle's downtown spreading out from Pioneer Square. In the late 1890s, the Klondike Gold Rush caused increased development activity resulting in the construction of hotels and commercial properties near the Holyoke Building." http://www.nps.gov/klse/hrs/hrs6a4.htm 06/12/2006 DNW 11/29/2012 Hard Drive to the Klondike: Promoting Seattle during the Gold Rush National Park Service