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Noel Adams, Al Bessette, Daniel Booth, Geoff Hodsdon, George J. Lindsay, Len Zickler

Firm Notes

This Tacoma firm was formed by the union of the AHB, Incorporated, Structural Engineers, and the civil engineering consultancy, George J. Lindsay, in the 1980s. AHBL took on landscape architecture and planning during the 1990s and absorbed the land surveying firm of J. Becker and Associates in late 2002. An acquisition occurred in 2005, when Martens Chan Consulting Engineers joined AHBL.

The firm began opening branch offices throughout WA State during the 2000s and 2010s. AHBL opened its first Seattle office in Pioneer Square in 2001. It moved to new quarters in the Park Place Building in Seattle in 2007. A Spokane office was started in 2008, and a Tri-cities office began operations in Pasco, WA, in 2011.

PCAD id: 6503