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Donald B. Driscoll, Marston Morgan, William Neel

Firm Notes

This architectural firm had its headquarters in Eugene, OR, and has operated throughout the West. It stated on its web site in 2020: "ARCHITECTURAL ASSOCIATES, its principals and predecessor firms have been in practice in Eugene, Oregon since 1968. We maintain a core staff of professionals, a wide range of consultants, and selectively staff each project. We have completed a broad range of projects along the west coast from British Columbia to Arizona. Our largest project is a 14 acre, $25 million film studio in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Our longest and most diverse is our association with the Chambers Companies beginning in 1968 and culminating with Chambers Media Center. The most technical project is a four story, $4.5 million surgery and diagnostic center in Roseburg, Oregon and our smallest is a microwave relay station atop HooDoo Butte. In thirty years, we have done almost everything in-between." (See Architectural, "About Us," accessed 11/21/2020.)

PCAD id: 6385