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Marvin Buchanan, Donlyn Lyndon

Active 1978-2006

Firm Notes

The University of California, Berkeley, Environmental Design Archives said of the firm of Lyndon/Buchnan Associates: "The firm Lyndon/Buchanan Associates, composed of Donlyn Lyndon and Marvin Buchanan was founded in 1978 in Berkeley, California and continued until 2006. Prior to their partnership, Lyndon and Buchanan had worked closely together first when Buchanan worked for MLTW, Moore, Lyndon, Turnbull, Whitaker on The Sea Ranch Condominium One, then later when Buchanan played an important role in the work of MLTW/Moore Turnbull, in San Francisco and New Haven (UC Santa Barbara Faculty Club, Kresge College at UC Santa Cruz ) and led the office team of MLTW/Lyndon in Boston, which became Lyndon Associates." (See UC, College of Environmental Design Archives, "Lyndon/Buchanan Associates," accessed 11/22/2019.)

PCAD id: 6246