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Adele M. Yellin, Ira Edward Yellin

Firm Notes

Led by the lawyer and real estate investor Ira E. Yellin (1940-2002), this real estate investment company became a leading force in the redevelopment of Downtown Los Angeles beginning in the early 1980s. In the 1980s, it purchased the Homer Laughlin/Grand Central Market, Million Dollar Theatre and Bradbury Building, and began renovating and reviving this section of the city center. After Ira Yellin's premature death at age 62, Adele Adest Yellin (born c. 1947), his wife, successfully continued her husband's community-minded development strategies, reviving the health of the Grand Central Market, in particular. She became a notable philanthropist and catalyst for progress in Los Angeles on her own during the 2000s.

For many years, the office of the Yellin Properties, LLC, were located in the Bradbury Building, Suite #525.

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