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David Hiroshi Fukui, Richard Hobbs

Active 1968-1969

Firm Notes

Richard W. Hobbs Associates Architects operated during 1968 and into 1969. According to an in-house document, the Decker Fukui Architecture Playbook, "The firm operated for a brief period as Richard W. Hobbs Associates and then became Hobbs Fukui Associates." (See "History/Bibliographies," Decker Fukui Architecture Playbook, [Seattle: Decker Fukui Architecture, 02/1987], p. A1.1.) Richard Hobbs and David Fukui did form a partnership in 1968, but the latter did not become a Registered Architect in the State of WA until 1969. After his registration, the firm was officially renamed "Hobbs Fukui Associates, Architects."

PCAD id: 6122