Partners: network

Donlyn Lyndon, Charles Willard Moore, William Turnbull Jr.

Active 1970-1971

Firm Notes

MLTW/Turnbull Associates operated in San Francisco, CA, by 1970 and was the successor firm to MLTW/Moore Turnbull. The original firm Moore Lyndon Turnbull Whitaker, composed of Charles W. Moore (1925-1993), Donlyn Lyndon (born 1936), William Turnbull, Jr., (1935-1997), and Richard R. Whitaker, Jr., (born 1929), formed in 1962 and operated until 1965. This disbanded in 1965, whenRichard R. Whitaker, Jr., left the firm in 1965 to become the American Institute of Architects' Director of Education in 1965. Other permutations of the partners' names were also used between 1965 and 1970. These included: MLTW/Moore Lyndon Turnbull (1968) and MLTW/Lyndon (1969-1973) and MLTW/Turnbull Associates (1970- 1971).

PCAD id: 60