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Albert Garrow Tutor, Ronald Newton Tutor

Active 1948-1981

Building Notes

This firm, founded by the Armenian immigrant A.G. Varjabedian, (who changed his name to "Tutor,") began as a small construction firm in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA. The date of foundation has been given variously as 1948 and 1949.

From at least 1969 until 1976, the firm had its headquarters in North Hollywood, CA.

This firm later was enfolded into Ronald Tutor's Tutor-Saliba Corporation. The "History" section of the Tutor-Saliba web site said in 2018: "In 1981, Tutor-Saliba Corporation was formed with Ronald N. Tutor named president. A.G. Tutor Company, Inc. and N.M. Saliba Company were merged into Tutor-Saliba Corporation, forming the company as it exists today. As a result of the combination, the company has experienced substantial growth represented by an increase in business from $10 million in 1972 to a current five-year average of over $500 million per year." (See Tutor-Saliba "History," accessed 10/23/2018.)

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