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Joseph Fleischer, Timothy P. Hartung, Duncan Hazard, V. Guy Maxwell, Kevin McClurkan, Molly McGowan, Richard M. Olcott, James Stewart Polshek, Susan T. Rodriguez, Tomas Rossant, Todd Schliemann, Peter Schubert, Donald Weinreich

Active 2010-

Firm Notes

The unusually named Ennead Architects, LLP, succeeded the firm of Polshek Partnership (1998-2010), after the retirement of James Stewart Polshek (b. 1930). The firm sought a new name to underscore its new identity following Polshek's withdrawal from daily design supervision. "Ennead" means a group of nine, and the nine founders of this new firm were Todd Schliemann, Richard Olcott, Susan T. Rodriguez, Duncan Hazard, Tomas Rossant, Timothy Hartung, Kevin McClurkan, Don Weinreich, and Joseph Fleischer.

According to, the group of nine hired the British firm Pentagram to design its logo and web site: "The partners spent a year and a half considering names before selecting Ennead Architects. They hired Michael Bierut, of the design firm Pentagram (named, incidentally, for its original five partners) to create a logo, and Lisa Strausfeld, also of Pentagram, to design the website." (See Fred A. Bernstein,, "Polshek Partnership Changes Firm Name to Ennead Architects," published 06/24/2010, accessed 10/17/2017.)

In 2017, Ennead Architects LLP's partners included Thomas Wong, Kevin McClurkan, Molly McGowan, Timothy P. Hartung, Guy Maxwell, Richard Olcott, Tomas Rossant, Susan T. Rodriguez, Duncan Hazard, Todd Schliemann, Peter Schubert and Donald Weinreich. Polshek retired from daily practice in 2010, but retained the title, "Design Counsel" for the new firm also based in New York, NY.

In 2017, the firm employed about 175 people in two offices: New York 320 West 13th Street, (a.k.a. 2 Gansevoort Street), New York, NY 10014 (tel: 212.807.7171). and Shanghai, Suite #5205, Block 5, Bridge 8, #10 Jian Guo Zhong Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200025, Peoples Republic of China (PRC) (tel: 86.21.333.92600).

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