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Donald Koichi Akira, Donald John Foote, Gene L. Hanson, Gerald Charles Pomeroy, Ragnar Smith, Robert J. Stein, Lawrence Galen Waldron

Active 05/1982-

Firm Notes

This architectural partnership practiced in Seattle, WA, from 1982 into the 1990s. It developed from a firm Lawrence G. Waldron (1911-2000) formed with Robert H. Dietz (1912-2006) in 1953, Waldron and Dietz, Architects.

An article in the Seattle Times noted the firm's name change in 1982: ""There's a new name for one of the city's oldest architectural firms--Waldron, Pomeroy, Smith, Foote & Akira, reflecting addition of Donald J. Foote and Donald K. Akira, principals for several years, to the company name." (See "Big celebration planned for veteran realtor's 90th birthday," Seattle Times, 05/23/1982, p. F13.)

In 1998, the firm had an office at 1721 8th Avenue North, Seattle, WA. At this time the firm employed 8 architects, 2 technical staff and 3 administrative staff members. Principals of the firm included Ragnar Smith, Christopher R. Griffes, Donald K. Akira, Robert J. Stein, and Gene L. Hanson. (See "Waldron, Pomeroy, Smith, Foote & Akira, Architects," ProFile 1998 The Architects Sourcebook, [Norcross, GA: Construction Market Data, 1998], p. 1977.)

Gerald C. Pomeroy (1927-2012) retired in 1992, followed by Don Foote and Ragnar Smith. The firm was continued by Waldron and Akira.

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