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George W. Catt, H. Krusi, J. B.C. Lockwood, J. McMullen, J. M. Taylor, H. S. Wood

Active 1878-

Firm Notes

This firm had a Seattle office in 1890; George W. Catt was a company vice-president and manager of the Seattle office. In 1890, it was located in Rooms 201-204 of the Occidental Block.

In 1891, the San Francisco Bridge Company had the following executives: J. McMullen, President; George W. Catt, Vice-President; J.M. Taylor, Secretary and Treasurer; H. Krusi, Chief Engineer; H.S. Wood, Engineer; J.B.C. Lockwood, Engineer. An advertisement in 1891 stated: "Civil engineers and contractors for bridges, roofs, ocean piers, wharf building and pile driving, dredging and excavation. With a plant that represents an investment of more than $100,000 and 13 years' experience, we have facilities for the execution of this kind of work with the utmost 'thoroughness, dispatch and economy.'" (See Langley's San Francisco Directory for the Year Commencing 1891, p. 1518.) The San Francisco Bridge Company had its office at 42 Market Street in San Francisco in 1891.

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