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Lewis Benjamin Abbott, Francis Vaughn Bulfinch, Charles Allerton Coolidge Sr., Edward King McCagg II, Joseph Priestly Richardson, Henry Richardson Shepley

Active 1874 founded by H.H. Richardson; SBRA incorporated in 1972;

SBRA of Boston, MA is the successor firm of Coolidge and Shattuck (c. 1923) which was the successor of Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge, which was the successor of H.H. Richardson's celebrated Boston, MA, practice; SBRA bills itself as one of the United States'oldest continuously operating architectural firms, founded in 1874; SBRA had 225 professional employees in 2004; SBRA collaborated with Ehrlich Rominger Architects on University of California, Riverside, Science Library in 1999; The firm went through many partnerships since 1874; they are: The Office of H. H Richardson (1874-1886); Shepley Rutan and Coolidge (1886-1915); Coolidge and Shattuck (1915-1924); Coolidge Shepley Bulfinch and Abbott (1924-1952); Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott (1952 to present)

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