Active 1951-2014

This San Francisco-based firm, according to its website, provides "...planning, engineering and architectural design, environmental, construction, program and construction management, systems integration, operations and maintenance, and management services." It offered this range of services to a similarly broad selection of clients, including "...federal, state and local governmental agencies, as well as private clients in the chemical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, automotive, forest products, mining, power, oil and gas, consumer products, and food and beverage industries." SeeAccessed 08/12/2009; in 2009, URS had offices in more than 30 countries with more than 47,000 employees. URS began operations under the name "Broadview Research" in 1951, incorporating in 1957. It changed its name to "United Research Services" after Broadview acquired United Research Incorporated, of Cambridge, MA, in 1968; since that time it has grown steadily through other mergers and acquisitions. Contact information in 2008: 600 Montgomery Street, 26th Floor San Francisco, CA 94111-2728 USA +1.415.774.2700; URS earned $10.09 Billion in Fiscal Year 2008. AECOM purchased URS in 10/2014.

PCAD id: 4038