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Gordon Hing Quon Chong, Amy Eliot

Active -09/2007

Firm Notes

Gordon Chong established his firm in San Francisco, CA in 1976 as "Gordon H. Chong, Architect." Tel: (415) 433-0120. Later, under the name "Gordon H. Chong and Partners," he opened branch offices in Sacramento, CA, and San Diego, CA. At its height, Gordon H. Chong and Partners had about 200 employees. According to a University of Oregon web site, "His firm received recognition in 1998 as the third-largest minority-owned small business in the U.S." (See University of Oregon, College of Design School of Architecture and Environments, "Gordon H. Chong, 1966," accessed 06/25/2018.)

In 09/2007, Chong sold the firm to the engineering/architectural conglmerate Stantec, Incrorporated, based in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

PCAD id: 400