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Stiles Oliver Clements, Octavius Weller Morgan Sr., Octavius Morgan, John A. Walls

Firm Notes

This firm existed in 1923. Both Octavius Morgan (1850-1922) and John A. Walls (1858-1922) died in 1922, and the firm name was not changed to "Morgan, Walls and Clements" until 1924. This name was not in wide use, and may have been a misprint in an architectural publication. The Los Angeles City Directory, 1923, (p. 3360), and the Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1924, (p. 2450) listed the firm as "Morgan, Walls and Morgan." The changeover in the name of the firm from "Morgan, Walls and Morgan" to "Morgan, Walls, and Clements" occurred in either November or December of 1923.

PCAD id: 3516