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Jane M. Barker, Dennis Clair Forsyth, Jane Hendricks, Timothy Richey, Duncan Thieme, Richard Zieve

Active 1972-

Firm Notes

This firm, begun in Portland, OR, had offices in Portland, San Francisco, CA, and Seattle, WA, in 2007. It developed from a group that left the Seattle-based firm of NBBJ.

In 2007, principals in the Seattle office included: Dennis Forsyth, AIA, LEED, Rick Zieve, FAIA, LEED, Jane Hendricks, AIA, LEED, and Duncan Thieme, AIA, LEED.

In 2007, principals in the Portland office included: Son Schleuning, FAIA, LEED, Dennis Cusack, AIA, LEED, Laura Hill, IIDA, LEED, Kent Duffy, FAIA, LEED, John Harrison, AIA, LEED, Skip Stanaway, AIA, LEED, Hussain Mirza, AIA, LEED, Craig Tompkins, AIA, Jon Weiner, AIA, LEED, and Tim Evans, AIA, LEED;

In 2007, the principal of the San Francisco office was Ralph Belton, AIA, LEED AP. In 2004, the firm employed 30 architects, 9 interior designers, 16 technical staff, and 16 administrative staff; in that year, the firm worked on 19 projects.

PCAD id: 3070